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Do you know your Ideal Customer Profile? ICP

DO NOT write a cold email or pick up the phone or make a video before you know your ICP

"How do I do this Chris?" Is what I get asked often.

1. Search for "Jobs to Be Done Questions" <-- yes, copy and paste then read the article by JTBD on "A Script to Kickstart Interviews About Someone's Jobs to be Done"

2. Talk to your customer success team and ask to interview 5 customers who recently bought your product in the last 30 - 45 days, it's important to find those that recently purchased as it's fresh in their minds

3. Set up 30 minute video chats, ask to record, and ask them the questions from the article I mentioned in Step 1

4. Thank your customers for their time by sending a handwritten card, make them a video, or a gift card.

5. Watch your recordings, and start making a "Customer's Library" of all the challenges, pains, desires, and most importantly words they use.

6. Take all of that lovely data and flip it into your outbound messaging

7. Test your messaging for at least 30 days (calls, emails, videos, and LinkedIn Inmails) - your messaging is LOCKED during these 30 days and you need 100 people for a good sample

8. Find out what's working and double down.

What am I missing?

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