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Do you use 30-60-90 for new AEs/SDRs? 

Wondering if folks here find this classic onboarding practice useful. If yes - what works exceptionally well? Do you focus on performance, or include product/industry/culture/professional development goals there? Thank you!

Mikhail (Misha) Nikitin
VP Sales at DataGrail
Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
Good question Mikhail! (Daniel Barber is great btw - I've only met him once, but seemed like a killer) In my experience, the classic product/company/culture onboarding is where companies excel, but ongoing training on messaging and how to book meetings on the phone is where companies struggle. As far as an onboarding plan, I give them lists fro... See more
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Don Allen
SVP & GM at ArO
Yes, I believe 30-60-90 day timelines are pertinent for new AEs and especially SDRs to assist them with identifying the target verticals, define their messaging, and develop an overall plan of engagement with their prospective customer base.  
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