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Do you want $10K???

Our friends over at Chili Piper just announced they are giving away TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000!) to the top Account Executive of the Year. That could be you!

Like Bravado, Chili Piper champions sales professionals who have a laser-focus on the customer experience and are exceptional team players. If you fit that bill then you gotta throw your hat in the ring!

The great news is that since you are a Bravado Member, you have a head start. The #1 criteria to decide who wins are testimonials from customers! That’s exactly what Bravado is all about.

Apply here:

The absolutely mind-blowing prizes include:

First place: $10,000 in cold, hard cash

Second place: 2 round trip tickets to Paris (Oui, oui!)

Third Place: Your very own eScooter, no subscription required

You know and we know you’re a prime example of a great sales professional. Now, go win that recognition and reward!

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