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During hard times, periods of immense...

During hard times, periods of immense struggle, I like to think of the old Greek myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Perhaps it's a little trite, but it gives me comfort during times when the light at the end of the tunnel is little more than a pinpoint way out in the distance.

Or even when I can't see it at all.

When I visualize my rebirth when the dust has settled and the sunlight is shining again, I can find a sense of peace, and even beauty, in the struggle that I'm currently facing.

It almost gives me a zen quality because it reminds me that the toughest periods of pain and struggle in my life are always - ALWAYS - followed by periods of immense growth.

So tell me, when you think of your rise from the ashes, what shape will you take?

What opportunity will you seize?

What progress will you create?

What powerful, mythical creature will you embody?

Let's imagine a beautiful, powerful tomorrow. What do you see?

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