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Mental Health for Elite Sellers

Elite sellers know:

1️⃣ The best competition is beating your own expectations

2️⃣ The hardest objection to overcome is your own insecurity

3️⃣ The worst result is having wasted your time

4️⃣ The greatest discovery happens when you're down and out

5️⃣ The biggest lie is believing in full control of the outcomes

6️⃣ The sum of process is greater than it's parts

7️⃣ The coldest call you'll make is knowing when to stay and when to quit

8️⃣ The scoreboard resetting is a blessing and a curse

9️⃣ The most challenging quota is how much rejection you're willing to take

The mental challenges are so real in sales.

The dashboards, KPIs, spiffs, demo decks, call scripts, etc. all fail to capture that.

You're not alone for feeling the weight of it all.

That's why it's so important to have a mentor and know peers within your profession.

Don't down play your mental health.

It's not weak or wrong to understand your limits or shortcomings.

If anything, that's how you'll achieve real empowerment.

But you got to own it.

Because you'll be left dealing with the consequences when you don't.

Awesome post man! Totally agree! Thanks for sharing! 
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