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Email and Video Messaging

Email and video messaging are pretty similar in strategy so we’re pairing them up! If you disagree let me know why in the comments.

Go back to your doc that has all your research from last week.

Look at the specific challenges and pains your learned about, grab those.

Now flip them into questions for your subject headline.

SDR Manager Challenge: my reps aren’t booking enough meetings each month

Email/Video Subject Line: Reps struggling to book meetings?

Do you think an SDR Manager or Director would open up that email? Probably so is my bet.

Email Structure:

• Line 1: needs to be about the prospect and why you’re reaching out

• Lines 2-3: a problem/challenge your prospect is most likely facing and how you can solve that

• Line 4: your call to action (CTA)

For videos, here are a few tips:

• Keep them to a minute or less

• 10 secs intro, 30 secs pitch, 10 secs CTA (hat tip to Morgan Ingram for this one)

• The energy you give off and your lighting play the biggest factors

You want 6-8 value propositions to give yourself enough runway for 12-16 touches.

Agree or disagree with these frameworks above? Share below in the comments!

Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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