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email prospecting financial institutions during these times

Hi All,

I'm new to the community and decided to join because I'm interested in learning what other sales pros have been going through during this time. Personally I've really been struggling with getting response rates from my emails over the past two weeks.

I've been a successful over the past 15 months in my role as a BDR now Senior BDR prospecting compliance and marketing professionals in the financial services industry.

A lot of our top of funnel has events in past few years and now with that coming to a halt for the unforeseeable future, email has been the main top of funnel prospecting approach. I'm reflecting on my lack of success and asking the community for some advice on a few questions I keep dealing with:

  • What kinds of subject lines have worked in the past? Short? Include the prospects name?
  • How long should a cold email be?
  • Do I always include a CTA during these times or just provide value at first?

Any tricks and tips that anyone is seeing on their end would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all and glad to be apart of the community!

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