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Episode 15: Is a Meteoric Rise for Men Only?

Kasey and Ashleigh have a theory - and they need your help to test it! Do you know any women who have risen to VP of Sales in 5 years or less? Your hosts can think of several men who have done it - but no women or people who identify as LGBTQ! Listen in as they discuss why this may be the case - then reach out and help them!


Male Sales Leadership

  • Kasey and Ashleigh can think of a handful of male sales leaders who, within a 5 year timeframe, rose the ranks to a VP level position, but can’t think of a single woman who’s story matches that.

Higher Base and Lower Commission

  • Kasey has a colleague who’s trying to push leadership to adopt a higher base and lower commission for all sales roles. There’s less risk associated, so would women be more likely to apply and stay?

Potential vs. Results

  • There is a ton of evidence that proves men are more often promoted based on their potential whereas women are promoted based on their results.
  • If you look at Sales Hacker’s 35 Most Influential Women in Sales, the average time it took to become a VP was between 12 and 15 years. For most of the women it took between 2 to 3 years to be promoted to a manager or director level role and they stayed at that level for close to 10 years.

Software World

  • From the outside, software seems to be less progressive and disciplined when it comes to diversity compared to other older industries. Let us know, how does the software world compare?


  • If it takes women longer to get into leadership positions, there is a cascade effect. Over a woman’s lifetime they’ll make less and there are fewer women at the top advocating for others like them who are just starting their career.


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