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Episode 16: Interview With Casey Jacox

This week Ashleigh and Kasey interview Casey Jacox. After spending 20 years at Kforce where he became the all-time leading sales professional, Casey has launched Winning the Relationship, LLC and is working on publishing a book as well as starting a podcast for fathers, The Quarterback Dad Cast.



  • Casey, Founder of Winning the Relationship, previously spent 20 years with Kforce as their all-time leading sales professional. His upcoming projects include publishing his book, Win the Relationship - Not the Deal, and his new podcast, The Quarterback Dad Cast.

Bro Culture

  • Casey credits many things for steering him away from bro culture, but one of the most important was his role in football where it’s easiest to simply enter the game humble. This mindset has bled over into other facets of his life like his sales career.

Setting Boundaries

  • After having his first child, he realized he needed more flexibility in his schedule and asked to work from 7am-4pm, fully shutting down from 5:15-7:15pm to be with family, and then coming back online to finish.
  • By setting these boundaries he was able to be his best in his personal life, which in turn allowed him to be more focused and dedicated while at work.

Single Employer

  • Sticking with a single employer is almost unheard of, but Casey put in 20 years at Kforce for a multitude of reasons including loving the company culture, benefits, large accounts, leadership, colleagues, and customers.

Being a Pusher

  • It can be difficult to know how to get the best out of your team, but he advises asking questions and really knowing what their goals are so that you can remind them of what they want to accomplish.
  • It doesn’t just end at that, be mindful that everyone has bad days, and be able to forgive as well as show that you trust them.

Building Relationships

  • Being a good leader and building positive relationships is about making everyone feel like they are a part of the team and giving them the opportunity to try something they haven’t been given the chance to do before.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity and inclusion was a big topic focused on at a leadership event Casey attended and after this discussion made him so much more self-aware. He walked away with a better understanding and perspective of what other people have gone through and his own privilege.

Income and Marriage

  • Income as a sales professional isn’t steady. Some years are better than others and that can affect a relationship. But Casey’s wife has always been frugal and they came to the conclusion early on that they were going to always live below their means.
  • He advises to never feel like you’ve arrived, because there is always something to be learned.

Therapy and Failure

  • You don’t need a podcast to have deep and meaningful discussions. Find the opportunities to have those conversations with people that are going through similar things.
  • So many people only talk about their successes, not what they’re scared of or where they’re vulnerable, but in reality talking about those things with someone is what builds a stronger bond. Knowing you have people to turn to for help makes you more resilient.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels and always be learning.


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