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Episode 17: Politics at Work


Posting about Politics

  • Whether or not it’s okay to post politically charged content on your social platforms depends heavily on your role, industry, and seniority level, but there is a rule of thumb Kasey sticks to - never post about politics on LinkedIn, that platform is for business and business only.
  • If your company is vocal and takes a stand on a political issue, post about it if you’d like.
  • Posting about charitable causes and volunteer work comes down to you and your personal values. If something is deeply important to you and you feel like you can’t speak publicly about it, change jobs.
  • Ashleigh recommends getting a copy of the employee handbook and social media policies so that you know exactly what’s prohibited and allowed.

Pick Your Battles

  • When you figure out what you're most passionate about, it becomes a lot easier to pick and choose your battles, because you never want to be the person that is constantly battling.

First Amendment Rights

  • It’s important to know that talking about politics at a private employer is not protected speech. Employees can be fired for expressing political views that are contrary to what the company believes.
  • Remember that this amendment protects your right to say whatever it is you want to say, but does not protect you from the consequences - you need to be willing to face the impact.

Politics is Sometimes Unavoidable

  • The world isn’t a place where you can pretend like political events haven’t happened - think about the 2016 election - so the critical point to remember is that arguing with your colleagues about politics is not going to go anywhere positive.

Diversity of Thought

  • If you work in an office environment that has a dominant viewpoint and they talk about their politics, it’s going to make the other side feel alienated and like they can’t express their opinions.

Have an Out

  • Be able to recognize the signs of when you’re getting overwhelmed, frustrated, or angry and have an exit plan. When in doubt, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

Political Clothing

  • It depends on what the piece of clothing is - the MAGA had should probably be avoided - but remember that you should never make someone the butt of your joke. Don’t make fun of people that have differing views.


Kasey Jones
CEO at A Better Jones
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