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Episode 18: Interview With Maria Tribble

Maria Tribble, VP at Path Factory, discusses being a carrier of kindness in both the professional sales world and in your personal life.



  • Maria is currently the VP of Path Factory, but has another passion for teaching children how to be carriers of kindness and the importance of being kind to both yourself as well as others.

Reboot by Jerry Colonna

  • This book and its emphasis on the fact that better humans make better leaders helped Maria decide to be more vulnerable, open, and authentic moving forward.
  • Kasey’s also read this book and it transformed how she thought about dealing with trauma, hurt, or grief by being kind to yourself and giving the time and space necessary to address what’s hurting you.

Dreams of Not Being the CEO

  • Throughout the past 10 years, Maria has bounced between being an individual contributor and sales leader, finding that she gets the most enjoyment out of making a difference in the lives and career paths of the people on her team. She isn’t interested in being in charge of the whole ship, and that’s okay.

Kindness as a Sales Leader

  • Maria had a QBR recently and realized that the team she’d hired was made up entirely of people she both wanted to grow and work with. Everyone is humble, focused, hardworking, and listens to the customer, thinking about each interaction from the customer lens.

Being Held Back by a Manager

  • Get external mentors and surround yourself with people that are either in your current role or the role you want to be in and learn about their experiences.
  • It also helps to have a peer to go to for a second opinion, otherwise known as a “sanity check”, about your situation.

Having It All

  • It’s essential to build a village or network of people that will have your back both at work and in your personal life. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and trust your team will cover you.


  • Know both your audience and what you’re comfortable with sharing.
  • There is a difference between oversharing and actually being vulnerable. Understand what’s motivating you to share. Are you truly trying to be honest and connect or are you crafting vulnerability to manipulate someone’s understanding of you.


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