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Episode 6: Interview With Jaime Diglio


Selling Through Change

-Jaime’s current work encouraging the embrace of change as something positive builds off of her previous experience shifting the direction of both Gartner’s and Microsoft’s growth and development.

Being a Woman in Sales

-The way men and women think complement each other and bring different valuable perspectives to the workplace, so teams that are a combination of both are stronger.

-It is essential that leaders shift the way they communicate with men and women because they listen, process, and react differently and require different coaching.

Moods and Interpretation

-As a boss, it is crucial to be aware of the mood you present because the people around you notice and it affects them and how they work.

-A 2011 study examined judicial rulings in parole cases, exhibiting that judges were much more lenient at the beginning of the day and right after taking a break. We are all affected by extraneous factors and applying our own interpretation to every situation which is why transparency as a boss is beneficial.

How To Be An Amazing Leader

-Hire people for their strengths that add something new and different to the team. 

-Understand what drives each individual.

-Continuously tell your employees that you believe in them.

-Build your network and get a trusted outside perspective to develop your leadership ability.

-Understand what your leadership philosophy is.

Coaching the New Generation and the Importance of Connection

-Technological advancement has transformed training and coaching new hires into a much more detached experience. While a lot of the training process can be more automated, coaching needs to include face to face engagement for better connection.

-The next generation isn’t lazy and entitled, they are hungry for training, they just don’t know how to access it.

-The people are the most important part of a business, in such a saturated market the only way to differentiate yourself is through your people and their ability to create a great customer experience, which will only happen if they have a great model set before them.

Collaborative Learning and Culture Bubbles

-As the leader, announce each of your employee’s strengths and ask them to show that to the rest of the team to foster a culture of collaborative and constant learning, not simply giving away answers.

-If you don’t have a manager that inspires this culture and environment,  initiate it.

Dealing With A Hostile Environment at Work

-Build your outside network by connecting to people that you admire, that inspire you, and that believe in the same thing as you.

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