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Everything is figureoutable (I realize...

Everything is figureoutable (I realize that’s not a word, roll with it anyways)

We’ve made things more complicated than they truly are, it’s our human nature to do so.

When you start breaking down whatever problem or challenge you’re facing into smaller pieces, it becomes a manageable puzzle for you to solve.

You start to learn about each unique piece and realize that the bigger picture, your solution or resolution, is possible when you arrange the pieces in a particular way.

Take it a step further, break down your challenge into the smallest pieces possible, there are hidden clues to your resolution in the problems.

Slowing down does wonders, we’re usually rushing through life and rarely taking the time to see the entire picture as well as all the pieces that are interconnected – hence quiet time is amazing.

You’ll realize that not every problem has a solution or it may not be the solution you want.

That’s the way life goes, no one said it was fair.

Each problem presents you with an opportunity to move forward and improve.

You’re constantly learning even if you didn’t find an answer.

Agree or disagree?

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