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Fake news isn't designed to change minds.

It's designed to reinforce the beliefs of who it's targeting.

WHOA did this hit me hard.

I had never thought about it that way.

Then I realized that is 100% the truth.

Also then realized how much of sales tend to be that way.

We can sell to people that believe what we believe.

But can't to people that don't.

We forget that it's our job to help them believe what we believe as well.

The ONLY way to do this is through education.

Not education on the product.

But education on the prospect's world, both internally and externally.

Opening their eyes to things that they didn't know to be true or potentially even exist before speaking with you.

But it's also understanding it takes a LONG time to educate someone, especially if they are entrenched in their beliefs.

You can't just tell someone who believes something different that they are wrong.

You know that won't work.

But it is slow, deliberate, and intentional education about their world.

It's the only way.

Find places to teach.

Where can you say things like 'Did you know...'

Be patient.

But teach, don't force.

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