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5 Time-Tested Principles in Sales

1) The answer to most prospect questions is "What makes you ask?"

2) Any time a seller makes a "This is..." statement you must pause and get buy in.


"This is why we're different from X" or "This is how we handle X" or "This is where you can X".

The immediate follow up should be:

- Is that in line with how you see it?- Am I off base with that?- Do you disagree with that?- Is that how you would do it?

3) When a buyer has to ask for pricing, you're already at a disadvantage. Control the framework of the pricing question by proactively bringing it up.

"Obviously we'll need to talk about pricing as well, if that's okay with you. I'll make sure to give you a range at the end of our call so you have an idea of the minimum to expect.

4) Whatever you sell, your asking someone to change. And no matter how easy your product is, change requires time. Does your prospect really have the willingness to change?

5) The Buyer's Journey is universal. Doesn't matter whether it's a stick of gum, buying a house, or purchasing software:

- Unaware- Aware- Consideration- Evaluation- Decision

The only people you should sell to are those in Consideration and Evaluation. Otherwise they're not looking to buy.

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