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For those of you that are searching for a...

For those of you that are searching for a job right now.

Here's an idea/plan for you.

Prospect the hiring manager(s) the same way you would prospect a prospect.

Wow... could I say prospect one more time?


Research them.

Find their contact info.

Send them a custom LI invite.

Send them value-adding personalized emails.

Multi-Touch - not just one and done.

Send them a custom video message.

Sh*t go so far as to direct mail them your resume, with a custom cover letter, letting them know you'd follow up.

All of this selling yourself on their reasons.

Make sure your messaging can tie back to their LI posts, company culture, or prospect profile.

Want to do this on steroids?

Find THEM some prospects and book some meetings for them.

Fo free.

Show them how you work BEFORE you work for them, and let them know what they'd be getting if you did work for them.

Share what you're doing to get better during this time.

Even if they aren't hiring now, who do you think they'll hire when they are?

Offer to work for commission only if you want it bad enough.

To stand out, you need to be willing to do more than everyone else 'actively looking'

Don't actively look.

Actively pursue.

You'll stand out in a heartbeat.

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