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FREE ebook: Opening the Doors to Sales Opportunities

Featuring top #WomenInSales, my plan since starting the Conversations with Women in Sales podcast was to transcribe select interviews into ebooks.

The first e-Book is a series of sales books is called Opening the Doors to Sales Opportunities. AND it is here NOW!

Download the FREE book here: >>>>>>>> <<<<<

Guests featured are:

  • Alli Rizacos, Regional Sales Manager at Salesforce
  • Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting
  • Kristina McMillan, VP of Research at TOPO
  • Mandy Bynum, Head of Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at New Relic
  • Joanne Black, Joanne Black is America’s Leading Authority on Referral Selling

Download the FREE book here: >>>>>>>> <<<<<

Pass it on! Happy Selling!

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