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Friday Funday: How to keep morale high

Bravado Fam,

A question I've heard from sales leaders and CEOs over and over recently: How do you keep your people joyous and smiling during these tough times?

Here's one fun Friday afternoon idea from BravadoHQ: Themed Zoom party!

Sal, who leads our workplace experience, pulled together the most fun Zoom call in history this morning:

🏝 Beach-Themed Daily Standup

🎵 Name that tune trivia contest

🌞 ...and he even gave himself hilarious tan-lines through his face mask!! (Zoom in to bottom right human)

👏🏾 👏🏾

It's such a privilege working with such an amazing group of people who keep the party going.

Bring that joy to your teams, and bring some smiles along with it!

Love you all,


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