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Getting Strong-Armed on your Quota? 

I got called into the office by my Director as soon as I walked in.

I had been refusing to sign my new comp plan. My Director (falsely) told me I was the only seller of +150 in the company who hadn't signed the comp plan and now the EVP was aware.

They wanted me to have the same quota as people with 10-20 years more experience than me AND take a base pay cut of $30,000 because of my lack of experience.

I responded "You're well aware why I haven't signed. On the one hand you tell me that I don't have experience so I get a significantly lower base. I get it, and it makes sense that I shouldn't be paid the same as people with +15 years experience.

But on the other hand, you tell me my quota is the same as theirs. If I don't have the experience, how exactly am I supposed to sell as much as them?

Raise my base to theirs or cut my quota by the same percent you cut my base..."

He just shaked his head no and kept repeating I must sign my comp plan, commissions are the same for everyone. I foolishly signed and it was the first (and last) time I ever missed quota.

I later found out they over-hired for our territory, knowing some would burn out. I was one of those...

If you're getting strong armed on quota, that's a telltale sign of #sales bro-culture. That's not how it should work.

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