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Great to meet you!

Morning all - Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and watching lots of netflix while staying inside!

I'm in NYC, so I'm weathering the country's brunt of COVID-19. I'm a Sales Manager at B12 (a company that provides Web Design and SEO) and despite the pandemic, we have been lucky to see a massive uptick in sales. I imagine that since everyone is staying indoors, the push for SMBs to build out their web presence and be found by new customers online is now more imperative than ever.

We've also just received 15mil in second round funding and are planning on hiring aggressively in the very near future. The plan is to begin hiring a distributed workforce and onboard/train remotely. So my queries for you all are two fold:

1) has anyone else undertaken a similar initiative? What was that experience like - triumphs, pitfalls, etc? and

2) Where can I find a wealth of excellent distributed/remote candidates for Outbound Sales / SDR positions?

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