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Greetings from Sunny Liverpool! 

Any body who has actually been to Liverpool will know we 'scousers' have a good sense of humour- we have to because the weather here sucks 90% of the time! I'm not jealous of the exotic places some of you hail from at all! :-)

Despite the miserable climate, the city is an amazing place to live and work and I currently Head up the Global Sales division for a SaaS based employee training platform- Wranx.

I spent 4 great years with a silicon valley tech start up- heading up the EMEA Sales Team, where I learnt all I know about Enterprise SaaS, growing the team from 5 in Liverpool when I joined, to 50 across four offices in Europe by the time I left for my next challenge.

Here at Wranx, we help Enterprise companies like VF Corp (The North Face, Vans, Timberland), TATA Steel, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals reinforce training, by creating bespoke content and delivering bite sized Micro Learning in 2-3 minute daily drills via a mobile application.

We also help shine a light on potential 'red flags' in the workforce using our innovative Certainty based marking assessments to gauge both the confidence and competence of users and provide reliable statistical analysis and insights which can be used to improve training initiatives and tailor training to the exact needs and requirements of the end user.

I'm interested in all things SaaS- the SDR and outreach gig is something I'm particularly passionate about, and as a Sales guy I obviously love to talk shop so would welcome connections.

I'm super excited to get to know you all a little better through this community- shout out to Kevin Dorsey for the invite!

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