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Greetings from the PNW

Hello. Thanks for welcoming me in to the fold at Bravado.

My name is William Hatcher, but most folks just call me Billy.

I am most excited to learn from this group on how you’ve become better at your craft. How you’ve given confidence to others. Transforming and rippling these traits into those you serve everyday.

You see. My goal for 2020 and beyond is to be the best “Phil Connors” I can be. I owe it to each person I have the privilege of being connected with on a daily basis. Of doing more. Being more. With the same amount of time I had last year. Last month. Last week.

Work. Business. Life. It can be one big personal remake of Groundhog Day (for better or worse). My aim is to change my perspective and actions this year. To serve more. To do more. To finally wake up to Sonny and Cher singing as it becomes the “first day of my best life”.

You see. My best life is here only if I choose others, over what “I” want.

It might sound cliche. It might sound easy. And. You might be right.

But. For me. It sounds like fun. It sounds like change. It sounds like the work “I” want to be doing right now.

I’m eager to learn more and share more with you all very soon.

PS. I’ll buy you the best cup of coffee if you’re ever in the Fremont neighborhood.

Always learning,


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