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Growth ops & enablement conversation launch!

I'm really excited to start a discussion on some topics that I think are critical to move the sales & marketing world forward. 


Over the past 7 years working in startups, I've worked in each of the major revenue generating roles: SDR, AE, Marketing, SDR Manager, and Revops.  While I don't think of myself as the best at any of these individual roles, I believe I have some interesting ideas on how we as a community can improve.

You might tag these topics as #revenueoperations & #salesenablement (as a starting point).

I've been trying to neatly tie a set of ideas together into a single thread, but can't quite get there...There are some missing pieces, and that's where I need your help. The lightbulbs below are a sketch of what we might cover over the coming months, not a rigid agenda:

💡 Building a revenue machine - taking a holistic point of view and breaking down silos

💡 Establishing a culture of measurement & data analysis - data isn't micromanagement, it's focus management

💡 Process documentation - we need to make sales organized & operationally saavy

💡 Systems integration - tech can fuel growth OR insanity depending on how it is used

💡 Functional integration - revisit the merits of specialization when it comes to sales & marketing

💡Frameworks - blend design thinking & systems thinking into the sales world to offset some of the negative inertia we see now

I bet in 3 months this list will look different and the "areas" will become claims, e.g. they will be more pointy!


I'm using the term 'GrowthOps & Enablement' to talk about building the revenue machine with a spirit of curiosity and testing the assumptions that define the status quo.  


I'm going to ATTEMPT to NOT to use bucket terms like "sales operations" and "sales enablement", because in my humble opinion they are misunderstood, misused, and perpetuate the existence of silos (Footnote 2). Words matter, but buzzwords are often just a conversational crutch.

Enough for now. Look forward to sharing more soon!


Footnote 1: I'm a divergent thinker, so a decent chunk of what I say is going to be wrong.

Footnote 2: I'm mindful of the fact that the term "Revenue Operations" has taken flight since late 2018 for that precise reason, that the existence of silos (sales ops/ marketing ops) was harmful to the end goal of predictable revenue.  One mini-thesis behind the conversation we will have us that sales can learn a great deal from the disciplines and mindsets of growth marketing. We might even solve the age-old "should SDRs report to Sales or Marketing" debate.

Am I making any sense?
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So excited to have you come on board as a Communities expert, Michael! Looking forward to your content series in GrowthOps & Enablement.
..and my "kinda" vote, means I want to hear more!!  It's a "yes" to more on the spirit of curiosity and testing the assumptions that define the status quo.  More on the "Sales or Marketing" debate. 
Annie M  Love this! Can't wait to discuss. 
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