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Guided Visualization for Sales People

Yesterday I took the SDR org through a guided visualization session to start the day.

Called them all together at 6:45 am

Had them shut their eyes.

Then took them through this process.

First Picture of your favorite place in the world.

Someplace that has a lot of meaning to you a place that makes you feel happy and secure a place that brings you lots of joy.

And visualize it as vividly as you can, really put yourself there

Then picture something that they were incredibly proud of.

Something of that made them feel very good about themselves but also to picture the challenges they had to overcome to achieve it.

It isn’t just about the accomplishment but rather what were the obstacles you overcame in order to achieve that achievement.

Then picture having a perfect day at work. What would that look like. How would you behave?

Then picture something going wrong. You get hung up on. You make 100 dials and get nothing.

Picture how you will respond. What will you do to get back on track?

Then work backward. Re visualize each part we went through.

Finish with a deep breath.

Open your eyes.

Then attack the day.

Just so happened we had our best SDR day in almost a month yesterday.



Give it a try.

Kevin- Not at all surprised you had your best day in 30 days. Athletes and top performers have been using visualization and positive self-talk for decades. Not reason it shouldn't work for sales reps. as well! Way to get out of the box.
Always looking for different or better ways to help people be their best selves. This was a win for sure. 
Kristie- great call relating it to athlete's use of visualization (I see you played Racketball in college; did you use visualization to practice/prep?).

I was a pitcher at USF, and my Pitching Coach had us not only visualize on a daily basis, but we did so in different contexts:  visualizing a certain pitch to a certain location, but also visualizin...
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I think white boarding sessions are great for visualization and call-mapping exercises before and after Power Hours of call blocks. Additionally, throwing down prospect cards --- almost like the card game "War" works well.
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