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HAPPY MONDAY! Big week ahead!

Welcome to the middle of April! For a lot of us in the South/East that means we're enjoying those infamous April least we don't have to commute in it...but now walks and getting outside is...well it's an interesting time in the world.

but GOOD NEWS! We have a couple things happening this week we'd love to get you involved in!

First - NEW EPISODE RELEASED! Kasey and I discuss how to hadle a "Mid-Day Breakdown". You know what we're talking about...those lovely moments where you're overwhelmed with a strong emotion. We're recording "our" episodes as close to airing as possible right now to keep it topical. Let us know what you think!

Second - Virtual RoundTable Tuesday at 4pm EST/1pm PST! Bring what's working, what's not, this is a great format to brainstorm and support each other as we figure out how to navigate the world right now. The past few weeks we've had 4-6 people each time and we'd love to meet some new faces! RSVP in the top right and feel free to DM Kasey or I if you'd like a calendar invite!

Third - Coffee talk this Thursday at 11am EST/8am PST. Last Thursday was so much fun we're making it a regular thing. Bring your beverage of choice, comfy clothes (last week I showed off my epic house slippers) and I promise you'll leave energized and ready to conquor the day!

Fourth - Ashleigh is coordinating a book club! If you're interested sign up here --> <-- intial invites etc will go out later this week!

LAST - You're going to see a LOT from us in April around the State of Sales Survey. If you haven't taken it please do so now. It's essential we get as many people to participate as possible so we can get the broadest range of experiences. If you've already taken it please take a moment and share it with 4-5 people. This is a little thing that if we can get enough people involved can make a huge impact on representation and the direction of sales as a whole. We can't control the world - we can take 5-10 minutes and participate.

*Whew* That's a lot for first thing Monday morning. Imma go have another cup of coffee now.

But first - what are you most excited about of the above so we can keep/do more of that?

What are you most excited about?
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