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Has this worked for you? Do you think it's scammy?

Raise your hand if you've called someone back who hung up on you and said "Oh I'm so phone disconnected us"

...and then went right on with your call as if nothing happened.

(s/o to Mark Hinkle for this gem from my second day on the phones a decade ago)

The trick to pulling it off is to really play like you believe your phone disconnected the call and be apologetic. The MOMENT it's taken as confrontational this backfires.

What do y'all think? Has it worked for you? Think it's scammy?

I've done this a number of times. I don't think anyone genuinely believes you if you say you thought you got disconnected. It's a shame tactic. They're embarrassed because they realize they dehumanized you by hanging up like you weren't an actual person. It works occasionally but not the most effective effort. I'd be curious to see who's actually p... See more
20 days ago
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