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Have you ever hired a flash mob to make a cold call for you?

Want to hear what happens when you do? Then let me tell you a story...

I had been trying, day in and day out, to make contact with an individual buyer.

Wouldn’t respond to my emails.

Always sent me to voicemail.

Usually I didn’t follow-up as much as I had been with this particular prospect. Most of the time people respond fairly quick to my zany marketing tactics and either give me a “yes come meet me” or a pleasant “no thank you, maybe one day”.

This lady, she was the queen of ignoring me.

I guess you could say it bothered me 🤷🏻‍♂️

It was Christmas time and I thought up the best idea.

So I acted on it in an over-the-top manner.

It was a nice 60° that fine Friday morning.

The receptionist confirmed that my contact was in when I called.

I unleashed my secret weapon.

A local caroling group walked into the lobby and started singing Christmas songs. They started with a Christmas classic, then they sang the REEEEMIX of “wish you a Merry Christmas” to include “The Copier Warrior” throughout the song.

They handed her my card and she audibly stated “WOW” in total disbelief.

We met the first week of January and she gave me a huge hug when I walked in.

“Love thy prospect.”

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