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Hello everyone!

Hello from California, my name is Brian and I just landed my first sales job at the beginning of this week. Although I’m fresh on the sales scene I’ve studied business strategy, sales tactics, psychology, neuroscience and many their disciplines over the past 8 years. I found Bravado through my research and decided to join to immerse myself in the culture of sales and to have like minded people to share thoughts and experiences with. I’m currently working on unlearning some negative perceptions of failure and other poisonous mindsets, focusing on one day starting businesses and investing, getting married next year and sorting out some theories for sales tactics. My first project for my sales career is to partner with the brilliant people at minds at work to apply an adaptive approach to getting clients to put down their walls. What I mean is that the people at Minds at Work believe everyone has a psychological immune system that works both to take care of them but also inadvertently hinders them. With this in mind and the global perception of people in sales it stands to reason that attacking clients big assumptions that were an untrustworthy lot could be the most efficient route to conversion rates. Please keep in mind it’s just a theory and I’m waiting for a response but I have high hopes. 

I’m looking forward to learning a lot about sales, making some great relationships, growing as an individual and ultimately making a better life for myself and my future wife.


Brian Weber

Brian Weber
Sales Specialist at Mancini Sleep World
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