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Hello. I'm a data consultant, turned blogger, turned sales and marketing coach

Great to stumble on this community and keen to add value and learn from the best (found it via Becc Holland's Flip the Script).

By trade, I was a data management consultant for many years, working with many of the UK FTSE100, both as a customer and then on the supply side, so got to see, and deliver, plenty of crappy sales tactics.

Then I flipped my own script when 'Content Marketing' became a thing in 2006/7 and started my own industry blog.

Since then I've been teaching other data consultants how to translate their desire to 'build an online brand' into a sales strategy that actually works.

LinkedIn is a massive part of my sales and marketing approach, I'm constantly testing what works, and what fails miserably!

I've realised that, more than ever, personalisation and compassion for the ICP is what's working for my clients so I'm eager to learn from others who share these same values.

Best, Dylan

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