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Universal Principle of Influencing Others

Here's something 6 different sales trainings never bothered to teach me that would've given me a selling superpower:

Guess what the first 'universal principle' of influencing others is?


Simply put: People feel obligated to give back to others what they've received.

Got invited to a party?

Now you need to invite them back.

Colleague did you favor?

Now you owe them one.

According to the research, people are far more likely to say yes to people they feel they owe.

So how do I use this in sales???

Well you need to meet 3 conditions:

1) Be the first to give

2) Make what you give personalized

3) Make it unexpected

I offered every prospect a competition breakdown based on what investors were saying about our space before the demo.

It was a single slide, similar to a G2 or Gartner quadrant.

And it was very, very fair, highlighting real competitor strengths.

It was something they simply couldn't find anywhere else.

And people loved it!

That slide gave me more meaningful conversations with my prospects than any single thing I showed in the demo.

People would open up about competition, budget, obstacles, etc.

They gave me RECIPROCITY.

What can be the personalized, unexpected thing you give first to your prospects?

Would a crash course on competitive positioning be beneficial to you?
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