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What are two things every salesperson needs?

Visibility and information.

Today we’re rolling out the latest updates to our Chrome ExtensionEmail Signature, and Profile Analytics, three powerful tools that will help you gain visibility with your prospects and provide you with more information from their interactions with your emails as well as your Bravado profile.

If an email is opened without a tracking link, was it really ever opened? What good is a good first impression if you don’t know you’ve made one? You asked for tracking analytics so here you go.

The Bravado Chrome extension automatically tracks all the Bravado links in your emails showing who’s clicked through to your Profile and how long they were on your page.

All viewable on your Bravado Analytics page (see below).


You can’t track links to your Bravado page if you don’t send them.

Personalization is the key to any good outreach email. With the Bravado Email Signature tool, you can personalize the client logos and testimonial in your email signature to fit your prospect.

Are you prospecting a consumer electronics client? An apparel company?

No matter who your client is, social proof goes a long way in the world of B2B sales. Seize the opportunity to make a strong impression on your prospects in every message by leveraging vertical specific client logos and testimonials.


Additionally, all of your profile traffic (including people who have clicked through to your profile via email signature) can now be analyzed on the new Profile Analytics page.

This page is a running feed of visitors to your profile. You can see who’s viewed your page, where they came from, and how long they stayed.


Bravado puts the words of your past clients in front of the eyes of your current prospects providing social proof of your credibility and reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build. And now, we’ve pushed out these latest updates to help do just that.

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