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Maruthi Sandeep Medisetti commented on | Feedback Greatly Appreciated!

Hi all, my name is Morgan and I’m a founder of a company called

My cofounder and I worked together at Andreessen Horowitz and saw firsthand how painful Salesforce is for reps. Tons of time spent updating data with little value in return.

After scouring the web for a good solution and countless conversations, we decided to build it ourselves and would love the community’s feedback.

The product connects to your Salesforce account and helps you save *significant* time on data entry, while offering unique insights around pipeline generation and data hygiene. Longer term, the product will offer automation and coaching.

Would love to gather and iterate on feedback from the community and really make it something that we all build together. Feel free to ping me here and I'll send you a direct link to our beta.

Very excited to join the Bravado community and learn from all of you!

Morgan Bender
Co-Founder at
Maruthi Sandeep Medisetti
Head of Sales at Almabase
Hey Morgan Bender 

Checked your app. I was working on a similar idea as a side-project. Would love to chat with you on some of the ideas I have regarding this problem space. 

3 days ago
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