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Hey Bravo!

My name's Miles and I recently joined Meter [] to head up business development and partnerships.

We're the easiest way to get the best internet and WiFi for offices. We take care of everything, from ISP selection and installation to ongoing support and network management. We combine powerful software, custom hardware, and dedicated experts to provide dramatically better internet speed, security, and reliability so companies can get back to the work that matters to them.

I joined Meter from the VC world and I'm eager to learn from and give back to this community.

Miles T. Bird
Business Development / Partnerships at Meter
Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
Hey Miles...I'm new to Bravado as well and really excite to see how it works. I am in the accelerated pipeline development space, AI for Sales. If you are looking for ways to increase your teams sales activity by 5x to 10x we've got the answer. Best of luck in your new role...
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