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Hey, Sales Leaders...

You do realize that 2-years prior experience, a bachelors degree, and a bunch of references doesn’t qualify them to become the best salesperson you ever employed.

Keep reading before you blow a gasket...

How many of you reading this right now would not have qualified under most hiring standards?

Yet you stand on mountains in all that you’ve accomplished because someone took a chance on you.

How many of you have a college degree of any kind?

Yet you’re full on Rebellion mode every month and exceeding all minimum expectations.

And why did I mention hiring “the best” salesperson ever?

Because you don’t carry enough belief in the people you hire to begin with.

“This one checks the boxes.”

So you hire them.

Then treat them as a mediocre rep.

Never taking the time to fully invest and believe in them.

Which is why you can’t hire someone without a college degree.

You don’t have time to invest.

You hire people that seemingly will be able to come on board and GSD so you don’t have to spend much time on them.

That’s how most hiring managers think.

“I need a low maintenance, efficient, competent, little lamb that can be herded.”

Before I had a job in the B2B space, I had no experience in the B2B space.

Look at me now, Mom.

what is GSD?
30 days ago
"Get Sh*t Done" :) I try not to use too much "potty language" haha
30 days ago
That is so true. Well said Dale.
23 days ago
Thank you, John! Appreciate you.
22 days ago
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