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Hi From Singapore-Excited to be on Bravado

Hello Everyone, I am a Sales leader, SaaS start-up Founder, Startup Advisor & Angel Investor.

I have been part of an amazing scale up journey at a previous startup( Asia Focused-Zero to 50 Mn ARR in 8 years) in building and leading a multi Geo/Multi Products, Multi-Million $ SaaS business and now going though that journey all over again at

Happy to share my experience on any of the following topics below:

1) B2B Sales, Sales enablement, Sales productivity for growing sales teams.

2) Setting up and scaling your sales team and processes and sales playbooks.

3) Scaling from Zero to 1Mn, 1 to 10Mn and 10 to 50Mn ARR+

4) Startup Fund raise or

5) APAC business expansion.

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya welcome to Bravado!
16 days ago
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