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Hi, I'm Sabith

Hi everyone,

After having gone through posts here, I realize my 2 years of experience is a drop in the bucket, but then again, that's why I'm here.

About me: I have a typical profile, if you're from India - engineering followed by management studies. I've worked in retail - channel management for 2 years and recently quit, to look for other opportunities. While not typical sales, I did have to engage with dealers and customers to sell our various organisational initiatives, and loyalty programs. Right now, I'm looking to make use of this break to learn, unlearn, and relearn (phrase borrowed from a friend) and coming here is a part of that.

It's a brilliant idea, to get together people with the same interests, and really drives home the value of having a distinct platform, away from the noise of other social media. That said, I look forward to some great insights, and eventually, being able to help out as well.

Hi Abdul! 
Welcome! I'm humble with my 5 years experience as well, however, how I look at it, is that we, with our "limited" experience, might bring a fresh new look on historic challenges people might have on this board. 
Hey Benjamin,
Thank you for the welcome! 

I read your intro and that's what drove me to post mine. I suppose I was a little bit cowed, but since it is one of the things I'm working on correcting, it's good motivation to know that I have a ways to go. Will look forward to seeing what I can add here.
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