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How do YOU approach Conferences 2019-AWS reinvent

Whats up ya'll,

My new AE role requires me to prospect/source my own opportunities; now coming from someone who spent years as a BDR/SDR this is EXACTLY how I like it :)

I'm heading to Las Vegas next week for Amazon's AWS reinvent conference. Over the last 6 years, I've read some great books on maximizing conferences (ex Never Eat Alone, this is marketing, & the 4 hour work week). However, most of the strategies in these books are outdated for sales people and have been internalized by competent marketing teams.

Some of these strategies include, but are not limited to:

-Knowing the speakers

-Identifying who's going to be in attendance and building a list of people to hunt

-Create events outside of the conference to bounce people to

-Follow up, etc

As an AE or sales executive, what's your secret sauce for conferences in 2019/2020?

What are you doing that other reps aren't?

Something I've had success with this year is befriending other sales reps at non competing venders and agreeing to text each other leads. This helps expand your reach beyond who you talk to and who comes to your booth.

Furthermore, if anyone is going to AWS reinvent next week lets definitely connect and possibly throw our own dinner/night out with prospects.

Thankful for KD putting this group together and thankful for everyone's input.

Have a great holiday tomorrow!

Michael Cambianica

AE, Darktrace


Hey Michael - Won't be at re:Invent this year but went the last 2x. It's a BIG show, approximately 60-70k attendees. Don't boil the ocean. I would try to invite your top 5-10 accounts/prospects to meet with you 1-1 at the booth, around the expo, or over breakfast/lunch/dinner (the food is conference food so treat them to something that isn't a boxe... See more
Love the input here Chris. I'm only a few months in to the role so my footprint with accounts is still small. I'll push for planned meet ups and outside dinners. 
If you can get even 1 customer to go with you, that's a game changer. Bringing customers with can open up so many doors at a conference, so many convo's, etc. 

But your list is pretty solid. Do as much pre-work as you can, get people off the floor for food/drinks, and introduce THEM to as many people as you can. 

Go get it!
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