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How do you handle "We'll buy you if you buy us"?

I've seen various versions of this scenario come up a few times in my career

-You're cruising along in a sales cycle with your prospect

-Somewhere in the middle of the sales process, your prospect says "You know, I think you guys could use our product as well......can you intro me to your VP?"

-You want to be nice and help them out in hopes it'll solidify your own deal so you make the intro

-After the intro, your VP isn't interested in their product. This SHOULDN'T have anything to do with your deal (after all, these are 2 completely different products and you've already established value fair and square) but still a bit of a buzzkill in the overall conversation

-...............your deal suddenly stalls

-Your prospect says something like "Well......our budgets just tightened up so I don't have a line item for you anymore. BUT if you were to buy us, I think that'll help your case"

How do you get out of this situation? Or better yet, how do you avoid ever getting in this situation to begin with?

I had this happen to me twice this week - got a call from a number I recognized, realized it was a company I emailed that day. It wasn't the CEO, it was their Co-Founder and VP of Ops - still a great title for us. However he instantly started asking me discovery questions about my sales org. Was a little awkward.  I said something like "JIM, I'm h... See more
Hmm, great scenario! Without knowing the process you guys use and when you consider an opp ‘qualified’ but; 1. What’s the outcome we’re selling to the prospect? (If they’re buying the product is it sticky? If they’re buying our tool as a way to GET to an end result, and we understand where that is, and how we can help......why would they even ask ... See more
I have more experience with topic than I would like to admit. When I was head of sales for Nasdaq this would come up 75% of the time, no joke. We were the home for all of these great Tech and SaaS companies.  When this comes up, you really need to pause and reestablish the need from the prospect, this way you can always go back to that regardless o... See more
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