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Michael Mannina commented on

How do you like to handle this question in an application or interview?

"Did you miss making quota in the past five years? If yes, please explain what happened and year/s."

I mean really, the only correct response is to say "no" and offer up your tax returns. Let me know your thoughts.

Cris Valderas
Regional Sales Director at RailComm
Lauren Elliott
Operations Director at Teem - Global Software Sales Recruitment
Hi Chris - In an interview, this questions is a great way to show coachability: I'd be looking for the interviewee to acknowledge that they had missed target, but have reflected on why that happened and take accountability for what they can do in the future to stop that happening. 
And of course if the answer is no - expand on the methodology in pla...
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Cooper Wright
Business Development Lead at Nylas
Being asked this question can make you want to fluff things up. Just imagine that many people before you have danced around their missed targets and completely miss the point. Owning your down months is much more admirable. Failure is just experience with a bad name.
Michael Mannina
Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales Development at
This question would be looking for ownership and ability to problem solve. Own when you haven’t met your goals. Know why you missed, and what you did to correct it. If a salesperson said they’ve NEVER missed a goal, the BS alarms would be ringing. 
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