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How do you nurture your prospects?

I was focused on only the accounts I could close in the next 90 days. I had the typical “salesperson” attitude. If you can’t do business with me soon then it wasn’t worth my time.

Ouch, it hurts like ripping a Band-Aid off slowly to say this out loud.

While I was able to close some business, I lost a lot more than I gained in the long term.

I burned through my list and was struggling to find new prospects to engage with.

All because I was focused on immediate results and wasn’t willing to pay the long game.

As with everything, that lovely snowball effect, compounding interest, worked it’s magic and made my life all kinds of challenging because of the actions I took.

It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset to nurturing my accounts that my pipeline starting getting healthier.

Yes, it took a lot of pain to learn this lesson and a couple burned bridges as well, apologies to those I’ve wronged.

How do you nurture your prospects?

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