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How do you start and end your days?

How you start and end anything has a bigger impact than the middle piece.

Every morning I wake up and workout without checking my phone.

Yup, that means I’m up at 4:35am.

After the workout, I take time to write my daily affirmations and gratitudes.

Ensuring I start my day by focusing on my physical and mental health is critical to having a good day, in my book.

How do my days end?

Back to my affirmations and gratitudes I go. Yes, I do this twice a day. Also, I check my power list and cross off my tasks, assuming I got it all done, I put a “W” on the day meaning I won the day.

Even when the middle of my day goes to hell, because we all know that'll happen, I’ll end my day with gratitude and reflection which gives me peace of mind.

How do you start and end your days?

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