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How does playing football 🏈 prepare you for a sales career? - #SecretToSales

With the 2020 Super Bowl around the corner, I set out to investigate how playing football translates into a successful sales career. 

Andrew Shapiro, a former Houston Texans punter, shares how preparing for the big game is a lot like preparing for a big sale.

Grant Jones, former BYU linebacker, highlights how working on a team readied himself for both the collaboration and competition on a sales team.

One thing they were not prepared for was my top notch foosball skills. They never stood a chance.

How have skills from other sports or activities translated into your sales career?
Topher Benderson
Freelance SDR at Self-Employed
Nimit Bhatt
Managing Director - Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at memoryBlue
It's all about discipline. Playing football (or any sport, rather) requires following a strict practice schedule, workout plan, and diet. It's about pushing yourself and finding ways to get better, especially when you feel like you've plateaued. 

A great analogy I've heard is that the average football player only plays for a total of 11 minutes duri...
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Kira Ugai
Product Operations at Bravado
This is awesome! Would be great to see more of these comparisons with sales and other professions :D
10 days ago
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