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How I Combat Fear

There is a TON of fear in sales.

Fear of getting fired for poor performance

Fear of missing quota

Fear doesn't enable you to make the best decisions.

In the video I share 5 tips on how I combat fear.

What do you do?
Good note Chris von Huene and it's definitely an area each person has to either go within to find or seek professional guidance on. 

For me, it's about staying in a present mindset, as much as possible at least.

Before being able to understand how to do that though you have to first put a perspective on fearfulness/anxiousness in general.

To that, if ...
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Ryan Rudin  to your point, this isn't a one and done thing. What I've learned is that you'll need to continually go back to the things that are causing you to worry and understand what the triggers are. 

This is a topic that we're talking about more frequently which feels great though it's also a delicate one that we'll need to continue to nurture. 
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