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How important is the job title vs. right account?

If it is the right account (profile and intent) and the prospect’s function is correct, does the level (manager vs senior director vs SVP) matter? Yes, SVP may seem like the best at first glance, but educated buyers in complex sales scenarios seem to need buy-in from both the “doers” and the stakeholders (so selling happens bottoms-up and top-down). So lots of sales and marketing efforts go into getting a meeting with the right account, then AE impresses the prospect, then AE and SD work with the prospect on who else to get in front of. In other words, is it more important to having a strong fit account showing strong intent and function OR a SVP title from a moderate fit account not showing strong intent?

Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
I'd say both are equally as important. If you book the right account, but at the wrong level title... It's easier to book the initial meeting but it's WAY harder for an AE to swim upstream from a contact that is too low in the org.  If they don't have DM power, what can often happen is the AE demos the lower down contact and get them bought in,... See more
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Susan Gonzalez
VP of Marketing at Asgard Technologies
I am confused by this question   Job titles are important to build credibility fast--- for example a president or CEO will take a call from another "CEO" but not a "AE"  (most of the time- not always) If you are asking who has the most lateral influence to getting to the buying decision FAST I will tell you-- it's the receptionist or executive ass... See more
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