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How is this even possible?

According to a global study of 2,700 employees, nearly 40% of people say their company has not even asked them how they're doing since the pandemic began.

When I see a statistic like that, I read it as 2 in 5 "leaders" should be relieved from their leadership position.

Especially when...

- 75% of people say they feel more socially isolated.

- 67% of people report higher stress.

- 57% are feeling greater anxiety.

- 53% say they feel emotionally exhausted.

Here is how you take a step in the right direction:

In your weekly 1 on 1's start adding a Mental Health check-in to the agenda, but the key to making it work?

Leaders you share first.

Be transparent and open about when you've struggled with your Mental Health the week before. The more vulnerable you are, the more it will be reciprocated from your colleague.

Consistently doing this will build trust.

If it hasn't been impacted, share your best practices and what you've been doing to take care of yourself.

Then simply ask:

"How are you doing?"

You are not overstepping the manager/employee relationship.

90% of people said they wanted at least weekly communication from their company about Mental Health.

Check out the article and more fascinating stats here:

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