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How to build trust in sales? Webinar + Discussion!


I know that this group is always looking to level up their game re: sales. If you're interested in learning about how to build trust in sales, my friend Steven Broudy and I are doing a Webinar / LinkedIn Live session on this topic tomorrow at 11am PST.

And I'd love to get a discussion going on this topic here, as it's one that's super relevant to the way we do sales as an SD community.

Q: How do you build trust with customers?

write on linkedin--- get other peole to vouch for you.  Genuinely GAF about what other people are sharing. read and comment on posts- Gary V has a great $1.88 hack you should look up. Comment on people and what they share. Be human. Talk like you are talking to a friend of a friend of a friend. Don't be weird. 
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