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How to get more money upfront?

Hi everyone!

After being an SDR for around year and a half, I decided to move to a small marketing agency, where I am responsible for the whole sales function.

Things aren't going bad but there is lot of stuff that I need to get better at. One of them is getting clients to really commit to work with us for the long term.

Have you got any advice for this?


Miguel Balbas
Account Executive at Nanjing Marketing Group
Alex Dukhovny
Executive Vice Presidents, Sales at Intratem
Get an understanding of their intent before you even speak about your solution. Interview with lots, and lots of questions to really understand their pain - business and personal. Then...

"Mr. Prosepct, so if we solve x and deliver y, do you then intend to stay with us as long as we continue to do so?"
Jiggyasa Agrawal
AVP Inside Sales at Alore Growth
For long-term selling that I do for 3-months and 6-months contract with 'no-stopping and getting-out clause' is, that I always relay why I need them to be with us for 3 months. In our case, its to figure out a process for their pre-sales. But in your case, it might be to understand the client's brand voice or their audience. 
26 days ago
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