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How to Increase company sales and fame, when you have so many competitors in your industry? 

I have been running a Web Development company since 2003. We've been delivering our level best to our clients. The competition in the web development industry is increasing day by day. The clients especially in India so the cost of the whole project first rather than focusing on what is being delivered to them. High-quality work inevitably involves higher prices and only 10% of the clients realise this fact. Due to business pressure, web developers are forced to take projects that pay less. Even if one gives in their 100% efforts, still the sales of the business do not increase. 

What is it that needs to change in the strategy of the business that there is a rise in the sales?

Hi Hermant, short answer, I'd need way more information and background to give you a bullet answer on how to drive more sales.  I will say however, the two items that put sellers apart in my opinion is the amount of discovery they do in initial conversations & how well they know their buyers' day to day.  As far as blanket advice, I would say f... See more
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