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How to set up outbound SDR compensation?

This question is from the community:

Hope you are doing well! I've watched your presentation earlier this week and have a question regarding one of your slides regarding the outbound system compensation. What does it mean the numbers on the top row of that table? (0-50, 50-200, 200+)

Also, how this is defined/measured?

Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Ankurman Shrestha
Enterprise Account Executive at Vaadin
Allison Andrade
Director of Sales at Betts Recruiting
Thanks for sharing out guide, Ankurman! Happy to answer any specific questions for anyone around the #s. Fun fact, the idea for this guide came after I met with many Hiring Managers, CEOs and VCs who wanted more granular market data to normalize the comp structure. 
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