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How well do you know your customer’s journey?

How well do you know your customer’s journey? (Wait, there’s such a thing as a customer’s journey?)

Yes, it exists, and you, as a sales rep, need to align with it ASAP.

Belal Batrawy has mentioned this quite a few times, yet, BDRs are still talking about how they’re “#1 in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.”

Do you think your buyer cares about you and your product when they’re in the unaware stage?

They don’t…

Why do we keep creating product-focused outreach then?

Here’s your customer’s journey:






Your buyer is at the “unaware” to “aware” stage when you reach out, 99% of the time.

Match your outreach to where your buyer is in their journey.

Here’s one tip, talk about the challenges they’re most likely facing or ask them an “impact” question to get them thinking.

Don’t know how to do that? Stay tuned for my next post and I’ll share the how.

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